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Bingo Expected to Drive Social Gaming in Southeast Asia
When most of us think of bingo, we think of blue-haired ladies with colourful dabbers and troll dolls sitting in smoke-filled rooms. Well that image is about to change. Bingo has gone high tech and millennium fabulous. Cozy Games, a UK company, has partnered with the Singapore company MatchMove Games to bring bingo and other casino games to Southeast Asia again an online enterprise just like M88 Vietnam, bringing players to setup accounts.
Who are Cozy Games?
Cozy Games is a company founded in the United Kingdom almost a decade ago. It is a market leader in game development and prides itself in offering innovative solutions for its customer base. Cozy Games’ social gambling arsenal contains no less than 90 casino style games. Facebook users will recognize them from their games “Big City Bingo” and “Bingo Farm.”
Who are MatchMove Games?
It is a large Asian gaming enterprise that provides a venue where customers can purchase games, make online friends (or enemies) and participate in online contests for prizes and virtual recognition. With headquarters in Singapore, MatchMove games has offices worldwide, including the United Sates. The company specializes in digital entertainment and has over 250 million users.
What brought the Two Companies Together?
Basically, Cozy Games wanted to tap into the Southeastern Asian social gambling market and began looking for a partner. Fortunately, they were able to come to an arrangement with one of the largest game providers in the geographical area, MatchMove Games. The collaboration promises to bring a new and fun social gaming industry to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, with Bingo leading the way.
Bingo is expected to be the biggest game to come out of this new alliance. It is simple, it is amusing and it does not take itself too seriously. Both Cozy Games and MatchMove games are expecting Bingo to be the standout game of the new social casino games alliance. So move over Granny, there is a new game in town.


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