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Why Soccer Sponsorships Are Growing Even More Lucrative

Why Soccer Sponsorships Are Growing Even More Lucrative
If you have ever wondered why football players have brand named sponsors emblazoned on their shirts, it is all because of money. Professional football is about sport, but primarily it is also about money. To have your brand on display on each player is fast becoming one of the most expensive manners in which to advertise your goods. It brings in a ton of money for the team and it gives back incredible exposure. Millions of people watch each game, and they all see the company logo.
How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?
It depends on the company and it depends on the team. A less popular losing team would not command as high a price at the league darlings. Chevrolet, an American car company, has greatly increased their brand exposure in the United Kingdom and worldwide by having their logo grace the shirts of Manchester United. A little deal that cost them a whopping £53 million, but will be seen by hundreds of millions of fans every time they play. In the eyes of executives at Chevrolet, that’s a great bargain. The Everton club has also made an agreement with an international shirt sponsor. For the bargain price of £16 million, the players will be sporting the brand of Chang, a Thai beverage company.
Why are Sponsorships Growing more Lucrative?
The simple answer is exposure. Foreign enterprises are starting to see the value of football sponsorship. With the Premier League being broadcast globally and a huge fan base in both Europe and Asia, North American and Asian corporations are competing with European companies to have a chance at this type of international brand exposure. This is causing the cost to sponsor to rise as demand for the branding increases. It is expected over the next decade that shirt sponsorships for both Premiere League football and World Cup football will become more and more lucrative for the football teams. You can just see that Man City is sponsored by M88, a growing betting house across Asia, when gambling is illegal in Asia!
In today’s global economy, the race for buyers has become more competitive than ever, and sponsors are paying big bucks to get their brand recognized. It truly is a win-win situation. The corporations get their logo out there, and the football clubs reap the rewards for better gear, better stadiums and top-notch players.

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